ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

martedì 6 settembre 2011

Michael Cheval * Nature of Absurdity *

"Sunset Tango II" olio su tela 24x36 2011

"Total Zugzwang" olio su tela 24x25 2011

"Dodocycle II" olio su tela 24x20 2011

"Fugace Echo Of The Golden Age" Olio su tela 24x20 2011

"Real Tango" olio su tela 20x16 2011

"Nuove Regole del Gioco vecchia" olio su tela 24x38 2011

"Chirr di mezza estate", olio su tela 30x24 2011

Michael Cheval * Natura Assurdità *
"Melody of Rain" 30x24 olio su tela 2011

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Michael Cheval is the world's leading contemporary artist , specializing in absurd paintings , drawings and portraits. In his definition, " absurdity " is an inverted side or reality, a reverse side of logic. It does not emerge from the dreams of surrealists , or the work of the subconscious. It is a game of imagination, where all ties are carefully chosen to construct a literary plot . Any one of Cheval 's paintings is a map of his journey into illusion . His work is often metaphorical and requires a sharp eye to decipher the often hidden allusions .
Born in 1966 in Kotelnikovo , a small town in southern Russia , Cheval developed passion for art in his early childhood. When his family moved to Germany in 1980, the Western European culture has made a big impression on the young artist. In 1986 , he moved to Turkmenistan and Ashgabat is a graduate from the School of Fine Arts Absorbing Eastern philosophy and the character of Central Asia , he began working as an independent professional artist , shaping his style and surrealistic direction . His decision to emigrate to the United States in 1997 began a new era for the artist. He returned to Western culture that greatly inspired him in German youth , but now he has brought his experience , his philosophy , and vision.

In 1998 , Cheval became a member of the prestigious National Arts Club in New York, where he was distinguished with the Exhibition Committee Award in 2000 . He is also a member of the Society for Art of Imagination since 2002. Cheval released two albums - Lullabies art full of color in 2004, and the nature of absurdity in 2007. His work is internationally acclaimed and can often be seen in galleries United States and abroad.

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