ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Anna Bocek

El Circo

El Circo II

Elements-Air I Switzerland

from series of Dark Room
Vernissage- November 12th, 7pm
ART AFFAIR GALLERY Inh. Karl-Friedrich Krause
Neue-Waag-Gasse 2 93047 Regensburg, Germany

from series of sunny morning 100x 100cm (2 panels)

Red Sofa
italian series
Puglia, 2010

"Summer Wind"
100x 110 cm (2 panels)

from series of "postales de viajes"- part II
La Matadora

Dark Room
65x 50cm

Lemon Juice II
100x 130cm, 2 panels

swimming pool

Canfin Gallery

from Cafe Rose series
Canfin Gallery

from series of Piano
100x 300cm (3 panels)
Canfin Gallery

from series of Elements-Fire

Anna Bocek

Official site:


Anna Bocek. Study at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland - Faculty of Painting & Set Design.

MUSEUMS AND EXHIBITIONS(projects and production): Amber Museum, Gdansk, Poland Historical Museum, Gdansk Poland Museum OP, Kolobrzeg, Poland Archeology Museum, Gdansk, Poland Hevelianum Center, Gdansk, Poland Science Center, Gdansk, Poland National Museum, Gdansk, Poland


2009 I Prize of Internationales Kunstlersymposium, "Atelier an der Donau", Austria 2009 I Prize of "7 wonders of EU Funding" for "Hevelianum Center", Gdanak, Poland 2009 Special award in TOPTEN Women in the Art "ARTROM Gallery" Rome, Italy 2009 "De mariage a`la mer" permanent exhibition,Museum OP, Kolobrzeg, Poland 2008 „Amber Treasures of XVI - XVIII centuries" temporary exhibition, Amber Museum, Gdansk, Poland 2008 „Amber Diven” temporary exhibition, Amber Museum, Gdansk, Poland 2008 "Science Center" project and production,Gdansk, Poland; 2008 "Archaeology Museum" project and production,Gdansk; 2008 III Prize of TOPTEN Exquisite Expressions "ARTROM Gallery" Rome, Italy; 2008 "Hevelianum Center" project and production,Gdansk; 2007 Special award of "The Polish Heritage Association of the name of Wiktor Zin" for "Amber Museum Enterprise", Gdansk, Poland; 2006 "Amber Museum" project and production,Gdansk; 2005 Prizewinner of "Amber Museum's Project", Gdansk Poland; 2005 "Prizewinner of The Best of Soho Art Show" , New York, USA; 1997 First Prize for the best Shakespearean Set Design Project, from Theatrum Gedanense Foundation of Prince Charles

THEATRE (set design):

- considerable number set designs for various stage plays by Gogol, Fredro, Shakespeare, Gurney, Simon - set designs for various events, from theatrical fairy tales to big open air shows (e.g. ,,Ave Gedanum", the opening of Dominican Fair in Gdansk 1997 and 2001) in Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic; - assistance and co-operation with renowned Polish set designers and directors

Exhibition Record (Galleries and Art Shows):

2005-2011 -

„Pictures of special images”The Exhibition accompanying the Prague’s Quadrennial, „Anna Bocek- recent works" Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY, USA - "Pure Paintings II" Art Affair Gallery, Regensburg, Germany - Palazzo Palmieri, Martignano, Puglia, Italy - Internationales Kunstlersymposium, "Atelier an der Donau", Museum of Oscar Kokoschka, Pöchlarn, Austria - "Painting exhibition" Polish Consulate General in Malmö, Sweden - "New Works", Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY, USA - “Recent Works- winter collection” Art Affair Gallery, Regensburg, Germany 2008/2009 - "Mich zu bewahren"Art Affair Gallery Regensburg, Germany, 2007 - Nouvelle Biennale, Galerie de la Marine, Nice, France; - The Fusion Gallery, Alicante, Spain; - "Visions of a Woman" Art Affair Galerie, Cannes, France; - "III Painting Meeting La Alberca" Spain; - "Amber Museum" design of the visual setting,Gdansk; - "Stage Design and Spatial Forms" National Museum in Gdansk; - "Zeitgenössische gegenständliche Kunst" Art Affair Gallery, Regensburg, Germany; - "Summertime" Levent Gallery London; - "Painting Exhibition - Elements II",Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw; - "Painting Exhibition I", Galeria Aneri, Gdansk;

2003-2004 -

"Vier Leidenschaften", Kunstsalon Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany; - The Gallery Beckenham, London, England; - "Recent Works : Anna Bocek; Enver Gursev", - "La Agenda Art - Special March 04 - Anna Bocek" La Agenda Office & Project Management, Mallorca-Spain; - "La Agenda Art - Special Jan 04 - Erling Leick & Anna Bocek" La Agenda Office & Project Management, Majorka- Spain; - "Collective Extension", The Confusion Art Gallery, Piacenza, Italy; - "La Agenda Art- Special Nov/Dec - Jim Bassett & Anna Bocek" - La Agenda Office & Project Management, Mallorka-Spain; - "Painting Exhibition - part II", Art-Domain.Com Gallery, Mallorca, Spain; - "Recent Works : Enver Gursev; John Brown F.R.B.S.; Anna Bocek", The Gallery Beckenham, London, England; - "Painting Exhibition", World Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA; - "Shakespeare Set Design Exhibition" Theatrum Gedanese Foundation, Gdansk; - "Painting Exhibition", Dimidium Toto Gallery, Sopot; - "III Art Festival of Gdansk ", Era Art, Gdansk; - "Painting Exhibition - part I", Art-Domain.Com Gallery, Mallorca, Spain; - “Women in Painting" - Tygiel Gallery, Gdynia;

2001-2002 -

"Painting Exhibition" - Cascada Warszawa; - "In Old Gdynia's Cinema", Centre of Franciscan, Gdynia; - "Gate of Memory" Historical Exhibition Centre of St, John, Gdansk; - "II Art Festival of Gdansk ", Era Art Gdansk ; - "Painting Exhibition" - Gallery ' 78 Gdynia; - "Just a man" Young Designers Exhibition Centre of St, John, Gdansk; - "I Art Festival of Gdansk ", Gdansk; - "Searching for style", National Museum in Gdansk,

1996-1999 -

"Pattern & Space", National Museum in Gdansk, - "Andrzej Markowicz & his students", Sopot Designer's Gallery, Sopot; - "Young Designers Exhibition" Baltic Dramatic Theather, Koszalin; - "Design projects exhibition", Gdansk; - "Portfolio" - State Gallery of Art, Sopot;

Magazine and Newspaper References: 2009/07 "Warp Magazine" No.18 "ANNA BOCEK- Painting Life" pages 103/104; Mexico 2008/07/19 "Gazeta Wyborcza","Hevelianum Center", 2007/07 "The Pat Magazine" , "ArtHouse-Anna Bocek", 2007/05 "","'Coffee and...' in Museum of Amber" 2007/04 "The Female Focus",","The Art of Discovery", 2007 "This Is", "Art@the fusion gallery", 2006 "30 Days Magazine", "Amber Museum", 2006/11 "NeuroTransmitter","Farbenprächtige Lebendigkeit- Anna Bocek", 2006/08/24 "All in London", "Anna Bocek Art Exhibition 'Summertime'" 2004/07/13 "Croydon Guardian", "Exhibition of the Week - Anna Bocek: July 2004" 2003/06 "Art Business News" 1999 "Theatre Magazine" nr 10/11/12- "Dining Room" A.R. Gurneya Jr, 1999/03/30 "Gazeta Wyborcza" "Makbeth"

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