ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Ileana Cerato

Ileana Cerato * Arte Visionario *

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Born in the city of Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires , Argentina . Even as a child and teenager he felt a marked tendency towards the arts. In 1993 his innate vocation began to be developed in the workshop of artist July Alessandroni . After attending for three years , he continued researching and working on his own. Although he experimented with various styles, with most identified from the outset was to surrealism . Feels like your referring to Dali, De Chirico , Samuel Bak , Vito Campanella . Also fan of the architects of the Renaissance and all its iconography, you can see that search harmony and balance in the composition and the style of painting from a sculptural vision.

In 2005 Master Vito Campanella known that encounter and produce a major change in his work. Their advice and support were vital confesses the artist. From the outset essentially addresses a metaphysical and spiritual issues. Topics such as maternity, female , assault of man on the earth , the flaws and virtues of man, seeking justice for the suffering , the forgotten. It also allows to address a more playful and relaxed themed series genre folk themes , portraits , a series of " Tango" , the " Ideas " series , where the surreal landscape consists of typical elements surrounding a painter ( knobs arise of oils, brushes burning , giant pallets ) where the artist confesses leave end play with contrasts of color and value have been taken . Along with the pictorial work of sculpture mistress confesses and takes some works experimenting with different materials.

In 2005 the sculptor Antonio Pujia known and his work. The artist confesses vital that encounter in your life. Pujia represents a true landmark for her, him, his work and his ethics as an artist. In December 2010 , she was invited to Government House to present a project of Memorial Tribute to Eva Peron , where he was received by President Cristina Kirchner.

Ileana Cerato 's work can be defined essentially as a figurative and a refined technique with his mystical transports us to mysterious worlds , freeing our imaginations to interpret and feel . In his handling of the pictorial matter is appreciated. Use fluently oil , line and color, always contrasting and high values ​​, the small format , naturalistic figurative and surreal distortion. Dominates the human figure and in particular by the feminine sensibility, as a source of life.

In his works may be the diversity of topics that make up a universalist and committed workforce with people today . Has a strong surrealistic style and belongs to the stream is now called as Visionary Metaphysical Art or Surrealism .

Currently , in addition to continuing work on his work, he teaches and teaches in her private studio .

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