ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

domenica 3 giugno 2012

Sergey Tyukanov

Sergey Tyukanov * Surrealism, Fantasy Art *
San Pietroburgo Russia
Official Site:
I was born on the island Sakhalin, in a small town Poronaisk, situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. My childhood years passed far away from so-called "civilization" and the only window to the reality that I had were children’s' illustrated books.They became my fairy tale world which, although I have grown up, I do not want to depart with even today. The world of brushes, pencils, watercolors, and miscellaneous bottles with inks and paints, which I endlessly love, have become for me a theatre, where I organize everything in my specific order and create a spectacle to amuse myself. In this theatre I am the director, the actor and the viewer at the same time.

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