ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

giovedì 6 settembre 2012

Alexandra Manukyan

Alexandra Manukyan * Paintings *

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Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.

2002-2004 UCLA. Los Angeles. Studied Graphic Design

1992-1994 Los Angeles Trade-Technical College . Los Angeles. Majored in Fashion design.

1985-1990 State University (Kh.Abovian). Yerevan/Armenia.
Majored in Teaching Fine Art.

1985-1990 College of Fine Art and Design (P.Terlemezian). Yerevan/Armenia. Majored in Fine Art and Graphic Design.


Since 1990 I worked in Fashion and Entertainment industries as a designer and graphic artist. In Fashion industry I created screen print art, textile print designs and fashion editorials and worked for the companies such as: Susan Borrows(1991-1994), Bill Glazer and Associates Inc. (1994-1997), CC Collection Inc.(1997-1998), Fashion Life inc. (1998 to present).

2002-2006 Freelanced for the Entertainment Industry. I designed and illustrated movie posters and worked with companies such as BLT and Associates, Shoolery design, Bird design, Big Picture Group Advertising, 1124 Design Inc. etc.

The central theme that unites all my paintings examines how life experiences seemingly separate and isolated entity mask the reality of our individual and communal ties . The "masks" and identities that accompany all of us to assume the role of second life , we have to play , it hinders the conscious mind from recognizing what truly unites us through the isolation and chaos : our joint meetings of grief, loss , desire, and the desire for serenity and acceptance . The false facades we all manufacture to fit in and belong also makes blind and lost in a world where the meaningless has somehow become significant and the idea of ​​a common honest self devoid of hidden agendas too often. I focus on combining traditional oil painting techniques with surrealist symbolism to explore the supposedly dystopian landscape of physical and emotional scars too often conducted among the female characters. However, the theme of my paintings are refusing to fall into self-pity or self-loathing , however, women often worry that my paintings figuratively and literally carry the wounds with resounding pride and empowerment. The mistakes of their past , festering wounds of grief and loss , and obsessively icy stab of betrayal , none of these spectra weigh them down or define their destinies.

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