ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
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lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Gehard Demetz

Gehard Demetz

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In just a few years, Gehard Demetz has risen to international prominence by applying his incredible craftsmanship as a traditional woodcarver to subjects that are new and appealing to contemporary viewers.

His sculptures of children are at the same time attractive and disquieting and rendered with an amazing perfection that is by no means rhetorical or classical. One of the most startling technical features is the construction using small woodblocks and juxtaposing finely polished parts to very rough and sketchy surfaces. This particular construction and treatment render his sculptures absolutely unique in the domain of contemporary wood sculpture and is partly responsible for the great curiosity aroused by the appearance of his work in the art world. Since his debut in 2005, Gehard Demetz has been invited by prominent galleries to exhibit in the United States, Spain, Germany, Korea. He has also produced monumental sculptures on commission for collectors around the world.

Born 1972, Bolzano. Lives and works in Selva di Val Gardena.

Solo Show (selection)
2012 Threshold Space, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York -USA-
2011 Gehard Demetz. Contenitore, Beck&Eggeling, Düsseldorf -D-
2011 Mutterland, Galleria Rubin, Milan -I-
2011 Gehard Demetz, Sala de Exposiciones Palacio de Pimentel, Valladolid -E-
2011 Mutterland. L’età estranea, La Casa della memoria - Fondazione Mimmo Rotella, Catanzaro -I-
2010 Commission of the portrait sculpture of W. J. Bowerman, NIKE European headquarters, Hilversum -NL-
2010 Threshold Area, Galería Raquel Ponce, Madrid -E-
2009 Preview Berlin, Berlin, Galleria Rubin -D-
2009 Superheroes. Kinder-Träume? (with Raquel Muñoz López), Galerie Gefängnis Le Carceri, Bolzano -I-
2009 Love at first touch: Gehard Demetz, curated by C. Antolini, ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como -I-
2008 Gehard Demetz. Skulpturen, Villa Wessel Museum, Iserloh -D-
2007 Galleria Rubin, Milan -I-
2006 Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige - Bassa Atesina, Egna, Bz -I-
2006 Galerie Appel, Frankfurt -D-
2005 Galleria Rubin, curated by M. Sciaccaluga, Milan -I-
2002 Istituto Ladino Micurà de Rü, San Martino in Badia, Bz -I-
2002 Camera con prima colazione, Circolo Artistico, Ortisei, Bz -I-

Group Show (selection)
2012 III. Biennale Gherdëina, Ortisei, Bz -I-
2012 SCULTURE IN CITTA’ tra memoria (1962) e presente (2012), curated by G. Marziani, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto, Pg -I-
2012 Panorama, Forte di Fortezza, Fortezza, Bz -I-
2012 Roma Contemporary, Roma, Galleria Rubin -I-
2012 Art Cologne, Köln, Beck & Eggeling -D-
2012 The Armory Show, New York, Jack Shainman Gallery -USA-
2012 Arte Fiera Art First, Bologna, Beck & Eggeling -I-
2011 Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, Jack Shainman Gallery -USA-
2011 Padiglione Italia, Trentino Alto Adige - Südtirol, LIV. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia per il 150° della Unità d’Italia”, a cura di V. Sgarbi, Palazzo Trentini, Trento -I-
2011 Rolli Days – Strade e palazzi da vivere, Palazzo Luca Grimaldi, Palazzo Bianco, Genoa -I-
2011 Art Cologne, Köln, Beck & Eggeling -D-
2011 ARCO, Madrid, Galería Raquel Ponce -E-
2011 Arte Fiera Art First, Bologna, Beck&Eggeling -I-
2010 La scultura italiana del XXI secolo, curated by M. Meneguzzo, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan -I-
2010 Preview Berlin, Berlin, Galleria Rubin -D-
2010 Nine sculptors from South Tyrol, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn -NL-
2010 Zeitgenössiche Kunst aus Mülheiner Privatsammlungen, Kunstmuseum, Mülheim an der Ruhr -D-
2010 EnseñArte. Volume and texture in contemporary Art (part 2), Monasterio de Veruela, Zaragoza -E-
2010 ArteNavas, Las Navas del Marqués, Ávila -E-
2010 Scope Basel Art Show, Basel, Beck&Eggeling -CH-
2010 IndividualAnimal, Beck&Eggeling, Düsseldorf -D-
2010 Art Cologne, Köln, Beck & Eggeling -D-
2010 ARCO, Madrid, Galería Raquel Ponce -E-
2009 ArtVerona, Verona, Galleria Rubin -I-
2009 Scope Basel Art Show, Basel, Galleria Rubin -CH-
2009 Rolli Days - Rolli Contemporanei, Pl.zo Francesco Grimaldi, Galleria Nazionale Pl.zo Spinola, Genoa -I-
2009 MiArt, Milan, Galleria Rubin -I-
2009 Scope New York, New York, Galleria Rubin -USA-
2009 The Armory Show, New York, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery -USA-
2008 Scope Miami, Miami, Galleria Rubin -USA-
2008 Kunst Zürich, Zürich, Galleria Rubin -CH-
2008 Molded, Folded and Found, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York -USA-
2008 Small Forms, great attitudes, curated by M. Tonelli, Galleria Rubin, Milan -I-
2008 Summer Group Show, Galleria Rubin, Milan -I-
2008 KunstArt, Bolzano, Galleria Rubin -I-
2008 Art Cologne, Köln, Galleria Rubin -D-
2008 MiArt, Milan, Galleria Rubin -I-
2007 Premio Agreiter, Museo Ladin, San Martino in Badia, Bz -I-
2007 Portrait - The view behind, Galeria Drees, Düsseldof -D-
2007 SerrOne Biennale Giovani, Villa Reale, Monza, Mi -I-
2007 Allarmi 3, Caserma De Cristoforis, curated by C. Antolini, Como -I-
2007 New Entries – Arte Italiana Contemporanea, Associazione Contemporaneamante, curated by M. Pizziolo and R. Ravasio, Milan -I-
2007 Art Cologne, Köln, Galleria Rubin -D-
2007 Miart, Milan, Galleria Rubin -I-
2007 Premio Rotary alla Profesionalità 2007, Rotary Lombardia, Teatro dal Verme, Milan -I-
2007 Artefiera, Bologna, Galleria Rubin -I-
2006 Kunst Zürich, Zürich, Galleria Rubin -CH-
2006 Miart, Milan, Galleria Rubin -I-
2006 Ars in fabula, Palazzo Pretorio, curated by M. Sciaccaluga, Certaldo, Fi -I-
2006 Group Show, Galleria Rubin, Milan -I-
2006 Premio Cairo 2006, Museo della Permanente, Milan -I-
2006 Sculture da Viaggio, Galleria Del Tasso, curated by M. Sciaccaluga, Bergamo -I-
2006 Artefiera, Bologna, Galleria Rubin -I-
2005 Riunione di famiglia, Galleria Goethe2, Bolzano -I-
2005 Art-Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Galleria Rubin -D-
2005 Gehard Demetz incontra Cy Twombly, Galeria Tazl, Graz -A-
2004 Galeria Tazl, Graz -A-
2003 Triennale Ladina, Museo Ladino, S. Martino in Badia, Bz -I-
2002 Museo Daetz Centrum -Lichtenstein –D-
2001 Museo Daetz Centrum -Lichtenstein –D-
2001 Open House, Salzburg -A-
2000 Hannover EXPO, Hannover -D-

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