giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

Véronique Engels

Véronique Engels
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Light and bright, Véronique Engel’s work pierces souls.
Her spiritual quest, her personal research nourishes her work feed which is in constant evolution.
Her art is not a representation of the human in its mortal envelope, but shows us our spiritual "intimate self".
Between figuration and abstraction, her works are universal and capable of crossing time.
Force without violence is illuminated by the mastery of colors, with deep reds, shades, and lines sometimes separate, are often suggested and the characters that have come out of nowhere.
Who are these beings inhabited with unknown forms that raise real emotion? Probably what we really are when our masks fall. 
This will without doubt troubles the viewer ...

Without specific and reassuring references related to the history of art, works by Véronique Engels plunges us into those visions that are sometimes mirrors, sometimes poetic and sweet.
From the stage of blank canvas to the delivery of the message are the experiences that one undeniably feels that have been lived.
The painter is thus a medium, and with all the generosity of someone who knows how to convey it that Véronique Engels shows her strong pictorial writing, breaching the dark and giving us part of the light.

The evolution of the work, constructed and experienced as a researcher, is the conundrum that we all have to understand for our incarnation. 

She talks about "The rumor of the world" and "memories" logical in evolution.
"We need to leave the illusion of the world to discover our beingness." She says. 

Her work shows us, the Maya, the veil of illusion.
She then leads us to "informal language" coming from the order of perception and access to knowledge.
The completion of her research now continues in the construction of "cite Idéale". Thus, all her pictorial messages give us the keys to finding our own spirituality. The energy and intensity of her work do not call on intellect, nor suggest conceptual calculation.
Her paintings are still fed by the power of creation.