ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel

ArteInMovimento by Daniela Scarel
Marco Mazzoni, Artista - " C’è un libro sempre aperto per tutti gli occhi: la natura. " (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

mercoledì 17 maggio 2023

Christer Karlstad " Force Field " - " Motherlode "

Christer Karlstad
" Force Field "

Christer Karlstad
" Motherlode "


" The rue survived;
The rue and the bitter Hyssop.
Remembered sorrow can survive the bitterest cold.
But the lovely lemon thyme
Lost it's life in the stone-hard ground,
Its delicate roots shriveled for lack of warmth.
Some of the herbs are coming back:
Hardy horehound, lemon balm and the astringent
Bee balm,
That western Bergamot
Whose faintly medicinal fragrance
mormon ladies used to scent their handkerchief
Schooled in hardship
It drove its roots deep underground
And waited out the winter.
Now tough and durable,
It makes its way to the sun.
Stray tendrils of mint wandering far from their beds,
Battening on earthworm castings,
smothered the sage.
Mint it fine on lamb,
But it takes the pungency of sage
To give any flavor to an Albertson turkey.
Nothing can stop the thyme. Never say that thyme
must have a stop.
The tansy is shouting hallelujas of joy
For Easter coming, and of course
Jonquils and crocuses and grape hyacinths
Never have given a damn.
Cold snow or warm rain,
Spring is spring, and
Damn the elements. Full speed ahead.
It's early yet.
Some roots may still be asleep
Warm and safe and lazy
Waiting for May. Or June.
Or maybe the Second Coming. "

Nancy Stringfellow
" Report from Grimes Creek After a Hard Winter "

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